‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The beginning of the Andy / McCrae / Amanda summit

The latest -What is going to be interesting for the next several days is seeing what happens when it comes to the battle of wills in the “Big Brother 15” house. We have two nominees that are likely going to stay on the block together, but who is really going to have the power to make the decision as to who to send home?

For most of this season, the sentiment has been to do whatever the Head of Household wants, and given that Andy is now the man in power, he could be the deciding factor. However, there are some other problems that are coming into play here when it comes to (who else?) Amanda.

1. Amanda probably would have wanted Helen out had she really gotten her way this week, but Andy’s not going to put up someone who trusts him explicitly. There is no advantage whatsoever with this and his game.

2. Andy is starting to lean more towards getting rid of Spencer, given that no one ever knows where his head is at, and that level of shadiness is scary if he ever wins Head of Household.

3. Amanda wants Jessie out, since she thinks she would nominate her and McCrae if she is ever in power. Strangely, she does not think that Spencer would do the same thing. (Start eye roll now.)

It may not be that hard to change the vote from Jessie to Spencer on Andy’s part, largely because of one argument: Keeping Jessie pretty much shores up that Amanda and McCrae are her targets. With Spencer, he’s more of a loose cannon. However, we think that this summit will yield a consensus agreement eventually before the vote happens, given that these three and Aaryn are all part of the “3am alliance” that is currently trying to run the show in the house.

Sadly, outside of a little booze, a brief McCranada spat, and a game of hot potato, there really wasn’t anything else of value that happened last night.

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Photo: CBS

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