‘Whodunnit?’ episode 8 preview: Ranking the winner / killer candidates

The latest -In our past “Whodunnit?” articles, we’ve chosen to rank either the candidates to win the show, or the candidates to be (insert dramatic Giles like pause) … the Killer! This time around, given that there are only four contestants left, we’ve chosen to do both to stir things up a bit.

But first, a disclaimer: These aren’t spoilers. They are based on our own perceptions of the players based on over a decade’s worth of watching reality competition shows and how they are edited. So if for whatever reason we end up being right on everything, don’t come to us claiming that we took the fun out of the mystery for you.

The winner

1. Kam – He may not always be the most likable guy, but he’s clearly very smart and able to piece together mysteries. He’s even won the top billing before on a case where he didn’t even as much information as the others.

2. Cris – Another super-smart competitor who has received Giles silly-pun-exclamations of victory right before the Scared / Spared cards are revealed. She also has a fairly positive edit, which works in her favor.

3. Melina – If she can survive this week, it really is every person for themselves from that point on. But, before it comes to that, she has to survive this week. That’s going to be tougher than getting Don to avoid mountain lions. (Guess we shouldn’t speak ill of the “dead”…)

4. Lindsay – You’re about to understand why when it comes to this one…

The killer

1. Lindsay – We do think the padded shoes in the extra morgue were a clue that the killer is a woman, and Lindsay fits the bill perfectly. We don’t think the killer would be obnoxious about picking a side, and she has floated in the middle very well.

2. Melina – If she survives this week without much information, Melina is totally the killer. She has done a stellar job of getting this far with a crumbling alliance … but is it because she has an inside advantage? (The thought of Melina forcing Giles to strap an explosive anklet on is rather hysterical.)

3. Cris – There’s just not that much of a reason to suspect Cris right now, given that she’s felt very competitive almost all of the time. We do find it slightly interesting, though, that she and Lindsay are targeting each other.

4. Kam – He’s just way too aggressive to be the killer. Plus, so many of the people who have suspected him over the course of the season are now dead.

Who do you think is the killer on this season of “Whodunnit?” Leave us a comment and list your own personal rankings.

Photo: ABC

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