‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Veto players, GinaMarie’s ‘plot,’ and an odd couple

The latest -Ever since the Veto players were announced this afternoon in the “Big Brother 15” house, there’s been quite a bit of activity; therefore, we’ve got a quick update now, and we’ll be back for more whenever the competition results are ultimately revealed.

1. Veto players – In addition to Head of Household Andy and the nominees in Jessie and Spencer, the likes of Elissa, Helen, and Amanda are participating in this competition. For Jessie’s hopes of sticking around in the game, this could not have gone any better. Helen, Elissa, and Amanda have only won a small handful of competitions between them, and this would have been far worse for her had either McCrae or Aaryn taken part in this. She’ll still probably lose, but she at least has a shot since none of these people have been that much more dominant than her.

2. GinaMarie’s “plotting” – We just mostly find this hilarious: In a conversation with Spencer, GinaMarie talked about how she wanted to make a big move and put up a power player … when she spent her last HoH reign getting rid of Candice. While Candice would have gone after her or Aaryn had she gotten into power, she was hardly a threat; also, GinaMarie has rarely made a move for herself all game long.

3. Aaryn and Helen, the odd couple – A few weeks ago, we imagined that Helen would shun Aaryn for life had she been more aware of the “rice” comments. This afternoon, though, the two are talking about how close they surprisingly are in this game. Aaryn’s still a loathsome person, but she’s turned her fate in this game around quite a bit without Kaitlin there. Helen and Aaryn agreed that they want to watch the show before anyone tells them about it … and we imagine that this will be difficult.

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Photo: CBS

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