‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Neverland scoop, plus an Evil Queen conflict

What's next? -In just over a month and a half now, we will be returning to the land of “Once Upon a Time” for an intense, hopefully-exciting third season. Not only that, but we will be opening the gates to a brand-new world in Neverland. In following up from Storybrooke and the Fairytale World that was, this is a place that could be completely fantastical, and with dozens of new locations to explore. As for how much will fit into the ABC show’s budget, that still remains to be seen.

You should be excited to see the new world in the upcoming episodes, at least when it comes to allowing us to see new and deeper sides to the characters that travel there. While Adam Horowitz’s tease to Entertainment Weekly hardly reveals anything we do know that going to Neverland is going to effect each of the characters in a major way:

“Neverland is a land of belief, a land of imagination, and a land where all our main characters are being stripped down to their core. It’s really allowing us, as writers, to dig deep into who they are and to push them forward to new places. I think being in Neverland is going to have a profound effect on each of the characters.”

While the September 29 premiere is probably going to be more about an introduction to the new world of Neverland, the episode that follows this is going to be more or less traditional to the show, and focusing on a feud between Regina, Snow White, and Charming. This comes to really show us one thing: You can travel to a new place, but some things are always going to stay the same.

As for what will not stay the same, it will be sometime within the first five episodes that we have an opportunity to see an early appearance from Regina’s new love interest, which we’re starting to find out more and more about. The question that comes with that is whether or not she will be willing to open up her heart to the possibility of love, or if she will shun it in the same way that she shuns may other thoughts and feelings.

Photo: ABC

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