‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Assorted fun with Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and more

Norman Reedus -Who said that zombie hunters don’t know how to have fun? The cast of “The Walking Dead” is not only a close-knit bunch, but there are a good many of them that also possess a pretty crackerjack sense of humor. Just as you would expect based on some of his past interviews, the man behind Daryl Dixon in Norman Reedus sits pretty high atop that list. He’s a guy that within the span of the next few paragraphs, is going to be featured in a pair of separate bromances … each one brought on by his own doing.

Let’s start with Steven Yeun, who really is an innocent bystander in this whole ordeal. Speaking per Entertainment Weekly about what could lie ahead for Daryl romantically on season 4 of the AMC hit, Reedus dropped a major bombshell (at least when it comes to fake ones) by saying that there could be a romance with Glenn coming:

“I think in Season 4, he and Steven [Yeun] — the Glenn character — I think they really, they have a lot of romantic time they spend together. Alone time. And I think, you know, it is a prison. I think that’s probably where his character’s going to go. Maggie? Who’s Maggie, you know what I mean?  It’s Glenn and Daryl.”

Somewhere, we imagine that there’s probably at least a few works of fanfiction out there about this already … just saying. Maybe the writers can check them out for inspiration, since we’re living in a pretend land at this point.

The Walking Dead -As for bromance #2, the photo here was posted by Robert Kirkman on Twitter, and it included the oh-so sweet caption for added impact:

“Awwww. Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln share an umbrella on set. Adorable.”

You can read about some actual romances rumored to be on the upcoming season here, but for fair warning, they don’t contain photos of two people sharing an umbrella or any other weather-related objects.

Photo: AMC, Twitter / Robert Kirkman

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