‘Suits’ season 3 spoilers: An episode title frenzy

Suits -For any and all of you out there who love to speculate like crazy about episode titles, we figure that this article is probably going to be right up your alley. There are some interesting things coming up on “Suits” for the rest of season 3, from Mike spending time with Rachel’s family to even a much-hyped flashback episode, but for the time being, the name of the game here is really just all about putting on your speculative caps and reading into some episode titles.

The following titles come to us via STVPlus, and they cover episodes 3×08 all of the way up to 3×10.

3×08 – “Endgame.” Isn’t this much more fitting of a title for a show that is actually about to end for a season? In theory, you would certainly think so, but that does not necessarily have to align with this show.

3×09 – “Bad Faith.” This is something that almost every character on this show knows a thing or two about right now. They’ve all been guilty of lying on several occasions, and doing just about anything they can to get ahead. Someone’s likely going to trust the wrong person, and sparks are going to fly.

3×10 – “Stay.” We want to think of this as something potentially romantic, since you would always want your prospective love interest to stick around, but you could also look at this title from the vantage point of a career, and wanting someone to stay at the firm even if it is not in their best interest to do so.

In shifting towards Tuesday night’s new episode, you are going to see a few key things: Not only will Donna be getting hot and heavy with Stephen (as seen in the first promo), but the case regarding Ava is about to get even more complicated.

We’re going to have more on “Suits” leading up to this episode, so stay tuned.

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