‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Who will not be coming back in the near future?

More news -Supernatural” likes to do a few things for the sake of entertainment / fan service and that’s to provide wacky stories, emotional moments for Sam and Dean, and some surprise villains and demons that you don’t see coming.

One other thing that this show is occasionally known for? Bringing some people back from the dead when it really doesn’t look like there is any hope for them to return. Just take a look at the rumors that Jim Beaver is coming back for more as Bobby, despite the fact that he technically died more than a season ago.

So could Meg join him with a grand comeback? While Jeremy Carver is quite the master of being coy, the executive producer more or less confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that at least for the near future, there are no plans at all to bring the role back:

“Meg kinda died — everyone on Supernatural kinda dies … [I] can’t speak specifically to Meg right now. I personally thought the send-off episode that Robbie Thompson wrote for her is really wonderful. I think myself and Bob [Singer] — like anyone involved in Supernatural — when someone dies, you want it to count a little bit. So there are no immediate plans to bring her back.”

But never say never, right? We don’t doubt anything on this show, since it has been known to twist and turn and surprise. But we already figure that in between promoting Misha Collins and coming up for big new things for Felicia Day’s Charlie, there is probably not an immediate need to bring back Meg or a few other dead characters.

Now, we turn to you. Who do you want to see come back from the dead on “Supernatural” in the future? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: The CW

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