‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Michael Weatherly’s two new (and Ziva-related?) photos

Michael Weatherly -Just when you think that the talk of Cote de Pablo’s exit from “NCIS” season 11 is starting to die down a little bit, you then have some of the photos attached here that start to make you ponder the all-familiar questions yet again: How will Ziva leave the show, and will it be in a way that makes sense for the character? That’s a difficult challenge, since you also have to worry about pleasing fans who have been through the wringer with this character over the past few years.

The attached photos here were first posted by Michael Weatherly on Twitter, and shows his character of Tony “on his quest for Ziva.” He refers to the one above as “melancholy upscale,” whereas the one below is “roguishly unshaven.” Both are entertaining, and proof that Weatherly understands the scope of fan passion that is out there for this pair.

Michael WeatherlySo far, everything that we have heard on the subject of Ziva’s exit is relatively positive, at least from the standpoint of her getting an ending that the fans should appreciate. For one, she’s not going to die, and that is always a nice pick-me-up for those shaking in their boots. (This also does leave it open that she could come back.) Also, she is getting a two-episode send-off that will not cause her entire departure to feel as though it is coming as much out of left field, with the most-important content coming within the second hour.

As for where Tony goes from here, don’t expect a Ziva 2.0 to rush in anytime in the near future. Executive producer Gary Glasberg has stressed that the goal is instead to use a variety of different actors in an effort to fill the void left by Cote, before eventually settling on the person that they feel is right for them in the end.

Photo: Twitter / Michael Weatherly

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