ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Nathan Fillion and time jump possibilities

More of the latest -Everyone loves a good time jump, right? Well, sometimes. This popular TV trope can be exceptionally annoying if you feel like a show is skipping over some good stuff, but at the same time it’s rather nice when it flashes over the things that nobody out there really cares about. For example, let’s say that Kate Beckett takes the Washington DC job on “Castle” season 6. Do we really need to see an episode around her packing boxes or looking for a new apartment? Don’t think so.

While many fall shows are starting out their new seasons with a time jump, “Castle” is doing something a little bit different. They are opting instead to combine a little bit of the “instant gratification” of the proposal reaction (at least, if you are gratified by whether or not Beckett says yes) with the movement into a new period of time for the characters. As Nathan Fillion tells TVLine, there will be a jump of somewhere between three or four months between seasons.

So what can really happen now within that time span? The short answer is “a lot,” such as a possible move, or a couple getting comfortable in an engagement. It also allows Ryan to get much closer to becoming a father, and for Esposito to start to figure out some of what he wants to do with his own life. (Yes, we are still hoping that Lanie will be involved in it.)

There’s little doubt that this has been a busy production period for “Castle” so far, and that is probably going to continue moving deeper into the fall. We’ve already heard the talk about James Brolin possibly returning, and some of the other stories (including Alexis bringing in a new boyfriend to live with the family) should stir the pot in a pretty fantastic way.

Photo: ABC

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