‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: A Head of Household, a new alliance, and more

The latest -Now, we come to pick up the pieces from what an entertaining night of “Big Brother 15” action, and what may be further proof that the days are now numbered for the remaining men in the game.

…Well, at least for most of them. The feeds returned just after the start of After Dark, and Andy was declared the new Head of Household. This is great news for him in that he finally gets to say that he’s won something, and can have a say in what happens in the game on a major level. We don’t think he needed to win this competition at all, but when you have so many non-superfans in the game, competition wins are valued more than they should be by the jury.

It ultimately does not really even matter that he won, given that his nominations are going to be the same as they would have been for many other people: Jessie and Spencer. However, the twist is that some people (including Aaryn) are pushing to get Spencer out first, thanks to a girls’ alliance of Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Jessie that is forming. Andy is also a part of this, so it’s really the “Girls and One Guy” alliance. The only people missing from this group? Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae, and we imagine that one of the latter two will be nominated if Spencer or Jessie wins the Power of Veto.

There was some more bashing /eulogizing of Judd last night, with most of the houseguests trying to make up things (some true, some not) to justify blindsiding him. Ultimately, this boring season goes on, and what we’re honestly afraid of at this point is a final two of GinaMarie and Aaryn making it to the end, and how this would be the most horrible thing ever for the show. They are basically sheep right now, but they can win competitions and it feels almost as though nobody is really taking them seriously. If these two make it to the end, Julie Chen may give some random audience member the $500,000 and evict herself from the show.

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Photo: CBS

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