‘Burn Notice’ season 7, episode 9 review: A progress report

Burn Notice -Last week on “Burn Notice,” we saw the story regarding James and his new “confidante” Michael Westen (if you can call him that) start to play out to a certain extent, and after sitting through tonight’s “Bitter Pill,” there is really just one question that keeps ringing in our mind time and time again: Did we really just watch something that was more of the same?

While we found this episode enjoyable, it was almost distressing how little actually took place during it. Instead, it felt like something straight out of one of the show’s first five seasons before it started to feel more serialized: We had a mission, there were some action sequences that were exciting, and there was a tiny amount of movement that came in pushing the story onward. Plus, we had Maddie pull out a gun on someone.

But are things going to get more interesting from here? We hope so, since there are only four episodes left to leave us with a lasting impression. We do feel like the story is still building to an epic conclusion that can potentially answer the question as to if Michael is ever going to be free from the CIA, but it would certainly be beneficial for us as viewers to actually see some movement soon. It felt tonight almost like the mission was mostly just filler, and that there was a certain amount of episodes that USA needed for the final season. Sometimes, this just happens, and it’s on to the next one.

Overall, what was your take on this “Burn Notice” episode? If you do want to read some more news when it comes to the show (including a preview for next week’s episode), you can do so just by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: USA

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