‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: Anna Gunn on the crumbling of Walt’s world

The path ahead -In just a few short days, the beginning of the end is here for “Breaking Bad.” That is not an easy idea to digest, mostly because it still feels like the show should be in the middle of its run. That’s our problem as viewers of American television, where we are somewhat more accustomed to networks drawing things out for as long as humanly possible in order to make a ton of money. This season has a short life compared to some of those, but there are some powerful things ahead as we prepare to nobly send off Walt and company into the vault of TV history,

Luckily, it does still appear as though the show is going out with a bang rather than a whimper. Just look at what Anna Gunn had to say to E! News for evidence:

“What Walt’s actions have wrought, everything starts to explode and implode. Every single person around him is being affected by it in a very, very dark away. It’s kind of like watching the walls of this world crumble down.”

Basically, every actor related to the show at this point has teased that there is something pretty terrible coming up over the final episodes, and while there may not be too much available out there when it comes to firm answers, you still have almost all of the information that you need in order to know that there is trouble ahead. Let’s just hope that if Walt does die at the end of this, it’s in a way that no one previously imagined (and we have a pretty active imagination).

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Photo: AMC

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