‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: More Kevin, and a sensible return for Bobby

SupernaturalLast spring, one of the biggest surprises out there was getting to hear the news about Jim Beaver returning to the set of “Supernatural” for an episode as Bobby. So now, that very level of surprise has been ratcheted up another level courtesy of the news that he will be back again for some sort of arc.

However, we have two words for you if you are looking for specifics right now: Good luck. While one of the more popular theories out there is that he was an angel that has now fallen back to earth, the truth is that Bobby’s status is open-ended right now, and it’s not even confirmed that he will be appearing in the present-day action on the show.

For now, all executive producer Jeremy Carver will confirm is this (per BuddyTV): Whatever happens when it comes to the Bobby character on this coming season, they are not going to be brought into the show without a reason:

“It’s very much keeping with our lore and mythology and we’re not breaking a boatload of rules to bring back a favorite character.”

Also, Carver confirms that there will of course be some more of Kevin on the upcoming season. As for the reason for the “of course”? There is really no reason at all for him to not show up in some form. He was a pretty popular figure for the episodes that he appeared on during seasons 7 and 8, and he also brings a slightly different dynamic to the show as someone who was thrust into this world courtesy of the revelation that he is a prophet.

Is there anything that you’re hoping specifically to see from the new season for both of these characters? If you want more news about Sam, Dean, and everything else within the “Supernatural” universe, we’ve got you covered and then some over at this link.

Photo: The CW

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