‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Nelsan Ellis on simplifying things for the future

What's up ahead? -There’s a reason that some people probably started to get a little bit turned off on “True Blood” throughout most of the show’s run in season 5: There were about a million different things going on, and quite a few of them really had nothing to do with each other. The show in some ways pressed the reset button upon entering the fourth season with the time jump, but then, quickly separated everyone into separate storylines, expanded on that, and never really brought anyone back together.

Well luckily, we could see more of an old-school season when the show returns to HBO, and this is something that we have already started to see happen over the past few weeks. Sam and Sookie had a scene! While there has been some shake-ups when it comes to the showrunner position, Brian Buckner seems to be genuinely invested in getting the show back to its core, and it’s hard to do anything other than applaud him vigorously for that.

Speaking to Vulture this week at the premiere for “The Butler” (which he stars in alongside Oprah Winfrey), Nelsan Ellis admitted that this past season did start to become a little confusing, and he suggested that there will be a focus on restoring the show to some of its original players moving forward:

“We’re going back to the core. I think this season set the stage to get back to the core.”

You can take this statement to likely mean that with this transition, the show is also going to continue to have characters dropping like flies. Some of the characters who have died so far include Terry and Eric’s sister Nora, and there is probably going to be at least one more over the next two episodes to really set the stage for next season.

If you want to see more of “Life Matters,” which is an episode Sunday that has us feeling¬†very¬†anxious about the possibility of a high body count, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: HBO

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