‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ preview: Style falls from the sky

The latest -Last week, the two-hour premiere of “America’s Next top Model” left us inexplicably entertained. What was it? Perhaps it was the refreshing mixture of getting more than just the same archetype contestants time and time again. We had grown tired of the same crop of ladies year in and year out; there’s always a few loudmouths, always a “quirky” one who acts awkward and keeps to themselves, someone afraid of taking their clothes off, and also someone who acts better than everyone.

Now, we have all of these in male form, as well! Seeing the Derek Zoolander stereotype be changed somewhat is very entertaining … as is the idea of models having to work it going down a runway that is basically the side of a building. If you’re afraid of heights, good luck trying to hide it while you are slowly seeing the ground start to meet your face. This runway challenge is completely irrational, and the sort of thing that only this show would try to do. Therefore, this is probably why we also love it at the same time. It’s crazy, and entertaining.

We’re just glad now that we are finally at the point in the competition where there are standard eliminations again; last week was fun, but we want the typical competitions! Plus, we can’t wait to see a guy have an inevitable meltdown when it comes to the makeovers. Seeing one of the ladies freak? That’s hardly new at this point.

If you want to go back and read our full take on the madcap premiere (which included everything from humor to crotch shots), just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: The CW

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