‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: Prepare for a metamorphosis

Are you ready? -Things can change quickly within the world of “Arrow.” Last year, we heard that Starling City was meant to be realistic, almost in the same way that Christopher Nolan had with his “Dark Knight” trilogy. So what do we have now? Basically, it’s a very blatant tease that we could be seeing an appearance from Metamorpho.

The attached photo here comes via executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s Twitter account, and it is pretty hard to imagine that this tease is about really anything other than the potential arrival of the character on the show.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Metamorpho, also known as The Element Man, is a hero within the DC universe who had the ability to transform into any element found within the human body. His powers came to be as a basic result of radiation (though the story is much more complicated than that), and the alter-ego was an adventurer by the name of Rex Mason.

So how could this character work within “Arrow’s” world? The suggestions about superpowers in the past on the show were that they were not going to be treated as commonplace, and would therefore be very shocking. With a character like this, you have to imagine that there would be powers, and they may just adapt the origin story to fit the universe.

Who knows, though? Maybe our excited mind is reading far too much into this, and this van could just be an Easter egg for Metamorpho fans, with the character’s arrival coming up at some point down the line. The introduction of the van does at least prove that there is some sort of presence for this character in the universe, and the option is out there to further explore it.

Do you want to see Metamorpho on “Arrow,” or do you have a hard time trying to fathom what this character would be like in this type of world? If you want to read more about the Flash and some other characters gracing the world this season, you can do so here.

Photo: Twitter / Marc Guggenheim

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