‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Head of Household practice; attacking Aaryn

The latest -At around the same time that the “Big Brother 15” episode started to air on Wednesday night, there was something big happening in the actual house itself: Preparation for one of the next Head of Household Competitions. What do we mean by “one of the next”? Like with some double eviction competitions in the past, this is probably preparation for the second HoH competition, which will happen after Thursday’s show and air on Sunday night.

The competition apparatus seems to be pretty simple: You roll a ball down a wooden plank, and try to get it to land in one of two holes. It’s not clear if there is any differentiation between the two, but this is something that in theory should level the playing field. But Aaryn and Amanda seemed to be the two strongest in that they were able to land a ball in both holes, which suggests that if they are both there for this competition, they should do rather well. Judd, being an excellent student of the game, said that this was more evidence that Thursday is a double-eviction.

As of now, the plan is to still keep Amanda, with one reason simply behind that: She always says what is on her mind, and is thus very easy to read. She’s also transformed into someone completely unlikable and racist, despite being at first a player that some wanted to root for because McCrae was at one point pretty likable. But there is some positioning going on for the future; Jessie is still in hot water, and there has been an effort to divide GinaMarie and Aaryn by spreading some comments that Aaryn has been allegedly making.

Who do you want to see win tomorrow’s Head of Household Competition? If you want to read more news from the live feed, and also our review of Wednesday night’s episode, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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