‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Bryan Cranston’s clearly not afraid of ‘Power Rangers’ past

Check it out -In the absence of finding any real other ways to make some of his guest laugh on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno has taken it upon himself to try something that is a little bit different. Specifically, he’s spending his time now getting his research team to find ways to “embarrass” his stars with some roles from their past.

But little does he know that Bryan Cranston is impervious to being embarrassed, even by voicing a monster in the original “Power Rangers” series. If nothing else, at least he can take some credit now for being a part of kids TV show that millions of people loved, even if the role itself could not be any cheesier. (Mostly, this is because “Power Rangers” was basically a combination of “Saved by the Bell” and one of those old monster movies that is dubbed over in English.)

Compared to what Jay has done in the past to scare some of his other guests, including bringing Aaron Paul on and showing his first on-screen kiss a little earlier this summer, this is really nothing. Plus, Cranston had a brilliant comeback in the form of a video clip of Jay from “Good Times” many decades ago, back when he was just a young comedian with long, black hair (but still that famous chin).

Cranston is literally everywhere right now in an effort to promote the new “Breaking Bad” season, which kicks off on Sunday night starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time at AMC. He’s got some other great TV moments this week, including a Daft Punk-inspired dance part with Stephen Colbert (which you can see here).

Photo: NBC

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