‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda fails to help herself

The latest -If by some miracle Amanda does end up leaving “Big Brother 15” Thursday night, we would have to consider it to be one of the bigger bungles in the history of the game. Not only that, but it would all be almost entirely her fault.

The first thing that Amanda has done that is just so terribly wrong this week? Forgetting that when you are on the block, the best thing that you should do is stay quiet and lay low. Even with there being an hour thrown in here this afternoon where the live feeds were down for technical reasons, we still at least saw a conversation between Aaryn and GinaMarie over if there were some benefits towards getting her out of the game sooner rather than later.

If Aaryn was to suddenly flip over and try to rally with Jessie and maybe Elissa to keep Candice in the game, that means that they would just need one more person (Helen?) to make it happen. The problem here is that you’re looking at a differentiation between short-term and long-term game. In the short term, it makes some sense for Aaryn to want to get rid of Candice, given that Candice would probably put her and GinaMarie on the block out of principle if she was going to win Head of Household. However, Candice does not really seem that capable of winning anything, and in the long-term Amanda is a way bigger threat thanks to McCrae helping her to find a way to stay in the game.

The biggest reasons why Amanda will likely stay in the game are probably because GinaMarie is still holding a grudge against Candice (knowing that she is probably more likely to put her on the block than anyone else), and also simply because there’s still no concrete plan. Without unity or a deal being made (which Candice has failed to really do adequately), you cannot expect anything in this game to change.

We will still have more news soon, so stay tuned for more of that. Meanwhile, be sure to also click here if you want to see the latest updates now from the “Big Brother” live feeds.

Photo: CBS

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