‘The Amazing Race Canada’ review: The ghosts of John & Jessica live on in Yukon

The path ahead -Somewhere, John and his terrifying smile from the last season of “The Amazing Race” has to be breathing a sigh of relief. No longer is he the only person to have made the colossal blunder of not using the Express Pass after realizing that he and his partner Jessica could be in trouble.

This week “The Amazing Race Canada” brought us perfect examples of why we love and hate this handy device as a twist on the show. For Kristen & Darren, they managed to completely squander their guaranteed spot on the race, just so that they could build a rift and show off what they thought would be worthy rowing expertise. They were a strong team, and probably a pair that could have won, had they not made the decision to get rid of something that would have clearly helped them and guaranteed that Jody & Cory were sent packing. We are glad to see these two guys around, though, given that they have a nice story without constantly reminding us about it. Next? They just need to learn to pay attention to what they’re signing up for.

Meanwhile, we hate the Express Pass in situations like what we saw with Vanessa & Celina. There was zero evidence of them being a good team this week: Despite being sneaky at the airport, they got lost in the Northwest Territories early on in the leg, were forced into a late flight, and were lost. They did nothing to deserve the Express Pass despite looking like a non-threat, and it saved them from a Detour that they probably would have struggled with in some respects.

The advantage at least now is that we have both Express Passes gone now leading up to next week’s leg in Regina. Muscle men Jet & Dave are getting stronger by the day, and for now they have to be the pick to win this whole thing. While Brett & Holly are probably the shrewdest pair, they also look like they are a few steps away from combustion. Kind of ironic, since doctors are supposed to be calm, cool, and collected under pressure. The underdogs? Team Body Break. Despite occasional missteps, Hal & Joanne continue to fare very well, and they could have an advantage in future legs if they run into people who know them from TV.

Who are you rooting for? If you want to read more news in regards to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CTV

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