‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 9 preview: The Mona threat

Pretty Little Liars -For whatever reason, “Pretty Little Liars” just cannot exist without there being trouble at almost every turn, and we are getting set to see that again courtesy of the upcoming episode on Tuesday night entitled “Into the Deep.” By the time this episode ends, we will have more of an idea as to whether or not Mona is really going to be helping Hanna and her mother out by confessing to a certain murder; after all, it is always possible that this is yet another devious plot on her part, and it could end up causing a problem for them in the end.

In the latest sneak peek from the episode below, Hanna and Spencer are “informed” about Mona’s confession courtesy of Spencer’s mom, who asks them quite a valuable question in the process: Were they involved in this in any way? If they were, it can cause even more problems for them than they already have.

This problem is not a good one for Hanna, since she is set up now to be completely at the mercy of Mona, even more than she was previously. She can completely destroy Ashley’s life and keep her in prison for a very long time if she wants, and there may not be much that she can do about it.

Do you think that Mona is going to come up with yet another creative way to turn Hanna’s life into a nightmare on “Pretty Little Lairs”? If you want to also check out another sneak peek of Ashley in prison from this episode, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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