‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Bosses on Rufio, Ariel, and Regina

What's next? -When you remember that “Once Upon a Time” has yet to even come on the air, it is not particularly easy to get anyone to dish on what is coming up next. Almost anything and everything that you say can come across as a spoiler, especially when no one has seen even a second of footage.

Let’s start off here, though, by talking about a few confirmations via executive producer Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis’ interview with TV Guide. For one, Lana Parrilla’s Regina is going to have a new love interest on the show, but the question is going to come into play as to whether or not she will be ready to give the love that is required for it. Meanwhile, Ariel (who we will meet at some point in the first half of the season) will have a connection, go figure, to someone that we already know. That typically seems to be the case with almost every new character that we see.

While most of the answers given here were pretty brief ones, Horowitz did go into a little bit more detail about the differences between the show’s Rufio and the one in “Hook,” which was certainly a memorable live-action adaptation of the Peter Pan story:

“Rufio belongs to another take on the Pan thing. We’re not using that character that was created by another world, but we are making a loving nod towards a movie and a mythology that we enjoy. Hook was a movie that we saw when we were younger.”

Ariel and Peter Pan are the two major characters who yet to have an actor officially tied to the roles, and while we’ve heard assorted rumors here and there about them, we’ve learned by now not to believe certain things until some sort of announcement comes in confirming the chatter.

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Photo: ABC

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