‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’: First look at Lindsay Lohan – Oprah Winfrey chat

Oprah's Next Chapter -Is there something bizarre about OWN setting up their upcoming “Oprah’s Next Chapter” almost like it is a boxing pay-per view event? Definitely. It’s an interview! Not only that, but it’s an interview that will probably contain a number of very predictable questions and predictable answers. This is Lindsay Lohan we’re dealing with. It’s not someone that is a mystery to anyone watching at home, just as it is not someone who is going to set the world ablaze with anything that she says.

Basically, we can almost map out the entire course of the interview now. This is Lindsay’s first major interview (save for a comedic take on “Chelsea Lately”) since undergoing treatment, and there are going to be questions about whether or not she is an addict, if she feels like she is the poster child for child stars “gone wrong,” and what she wants to do now as a means to getting her life and her career on track.

We expect many of her answers to be contrite, and perhaps more honest than usual given that she did just finish up a stint in treatment. But most Lindsay interviews suffer from minimization, where we feel like there is always something more than what is being presented. Oprah has a knack for getting to the bottom of most of these situations, but it’s still to be seen if she can crack the Lohan code.

So despite their heavyweight title match-like promo below, we’re holding out judgment on whether or not this interview (airing on Sunday, August 18) is must-see TV. For now, it’s just another interview.

If you do want to see some highlights from Lohan’s “Chelsea Lately” interview (which does air tonight), just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: OWN

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