‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 8 review: Sookie and Warlow’s rules of engagement

True Blood -This week on “True Blood,” there was plenty of craziness, but also some of the best stuff that we’ve seen almost all season long.

It’s interesting that there were some huge events that took place this week, but the scene that we found the strongest of the entire season was the discussion between Sookie and Sam inside of Merlotte’s, where she more or less threw herself at him in the most inopportune time to get her away from Warlow and the rest of the vampires. Sam Trammell was excellent in this scene, and we like to think of it as a pleasant reminder that if he had this much to do every season, he would be able to be a standout player on this show.

Sookie’s entire emotional journey was great as she started to come closer to figuring out whether or not she was going to end up accepting the deal proposed to her by Warlow: He would help her save her friends, but she had to give her life away in the process … one that meant such a complicated thing to her already.

But is there really a need for her to do anything of the sort now? It doesn’t quite look like Warlow’s going to be in a state where he can marry Sookie anytime in the near future, and an oh-so-familiar face is to blame: Eric, who seems to be on some sort of emotion-fueled tear that is probably not going to lead to very good things happening to him.

Some assorted assorted notes:

-Steve Newlin is the most hilarious vampire out there … mostly because he is a coward. A crazy coward that basically has almost every important vampire locked up and about to see the sun, simply because they would not drink the Tru Blood.

-Also in Vamp Camp, Sarah Newlin killed a woman and thanked Jesus for it! That happened.

-Sam Merlotte’s “girlfriend” Nicole is pregnant, which means that there could be a baby shifter on the way. That’s certainly a wrench, given that at the moment, our feelings for that character are pretty lukewarm. At least Alcide is not hunting him anymore.

-There’s really not anything to mention when it comes to Terry’s funeral outside of the obvious, but we do feel very much for Arlene and what she is going through right now.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to read some details that are coming up both next week and the finale, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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