‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The barbecue party and badmouthing

The latest -It’s almost hilarious how so much of the “Big Brother 15” drama over the past several days has revolved around something as meaningless as a barbecue party outside. It was a prize for someone who fell off during the Head of Household Competition, but really the winner here for it was everyone watching a group of people in Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, and Jessie try to operate a grill when they were pretty lost about it.

At one point, Jessie dropped some eggplant into the embers, and there was a brief bit of speculation that Jessie was going to come close to burning the whole place down. That didn’t happen, but there was still plenty of comedy that did come about otherwise as these ladies all cooked enormous steaks, even though they are not eating nearly as much as they should. If we were in their shoes, this would have been the epic feast to end all feasts, given how rarely you get a chance to cook food like this in the house.

While this happened outside, indoors we had the rest of the houseguests cooking their own cuisine. Amanda was orange like a cast member of the “Jersey Shore” from all of the spray-tanning she has been forced into getting this week, and GinaMarie is still hating on Candice, talking about “karma” and how she is a terrible person all while wearing a clown suit. We love all of the irony that is involved here, almost as much as we are going to love GinaMarie’s reaction to learning that she doesn’t have a job when she leaves the house, and Candice is generally much more well-liked.

There is not much of anything new to break strategically right now, given that the house seems intent on seeing Candice leave after Spencer is nominated tomorrow. Judd did seemingly lock the Head of Household key in the room, and there was a minor emergency to get that out with production’s help. Nothing more.

We’re just looking forward to tonight’s episode, given the drama that will for sure be on there. We will have our full review for it here, just as we have all of our latest updates present and accounted for.

Photo: CBS

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