‘Falling Skies’ season 4 spoilers: What we know so far

Falling Skies -Tonight, TNT is set to end “Falling Skies” season 3 with a flourish of excitement. There will be satisfaction in the sense of having some closure to some important stories, an important battle, and hopefully an answer to keep humans with parasites from turning on each other. There’s a lot to tie together, and not much time.

The reason that we use the words “tie together” here is pretty simple: As you may have heard previously, there is not a plan to have the same sort of giant cliffhanger tonight like the show has handed us in the past. In many ways, we view this as welcome news: There’s no more frustration, and with a new showrunner coming into play next year, there will be opportunities aplenty for some different stories to be told without a great deal of baggage.

Here are a few other assorted notes concerning what the drama could be delivering to us in the near future.

1. More episodes – Season 4 will have 12 episodes, a mark up of two from this year, and this puts it on par with “Dexter” and the majority of HBO’s dramas not named “Game of Thrones.”

2. More characters – Concerning some of the “deaths” (if they stick) that we have seen so far this year, there will be a need for some new blood in the future.

3. Some buildup for the endgame – Season 4 will probably not be the last season by any means, but science fiction shows don’t tend to have the same sort of long life span as many other dramas these days, unless you are “Doctor Who” and have millions of fans worldwide. This show is not a cheap one to make, so we at least expect some gears to be turning towards what the ending could be.

If you want to see some more news pertaining to what we know about the future of “Falling Skies” thus far, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: TNT

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