‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The Veto begins, and Amanda and McCrae fight

The latest -While we would typically not publish a “Big Brother 15” live feed update so soon after the last, we’re doing this with a specific reason in mind: We imagine that we have a long Power of Veto Competition ahead of us thanks to the early start time, and we therefore want to cover some of the developments that have happened in the past hour and a half.

1. Amanda and McCrae friction – could this “Big Brother” couple have a divorce to go right after their wedding? This has not been a good day for them in the wake of Amanda going on the block again, and she is once again being her combination of loud and emotional. He is worried that her behavior is making both of them a target, and she doesn’t like the way that he is talking to her about it. This is basically like a less-physical Brenchel just in terms of the way in which they are fighting; they should be fine, but we don’t know if they are as likely to last outside of the house.

2. MVP questioning – Candice seems to be the hot topic now for the possible MVP, since the thought is that she could be getting sympathy points from America following what happened with Howard this past week.

3. Judd – He is easily one person who really needs to not win this competition. If he does, both Amanda and Jessie will expect him to do something with it. Spencer really does not benefit much from it, either. The only people that we really see fighting for this are the four players, with GinaMarie out to ensure that her desire target in Candice stays on the block. (We still don’t know for sure if she will go home.)

If you want more of an explanation as to why Amanda was named the MVP nomination over Aaryn, our suggestion to you is to check out some of the updates that we have at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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