‘Royal Pains’ season 5, episode 8 preview: Be afraid of Evan

Watch out -Evan R. Lawson is good at some things, despite the goofy presence that he has at times on “Royal Pains”: He’s extremely ambitious, capable of influencing others, and he also has a knack for running a business and doing some of the stuff that Hank doesn’t want to do.

However, crisis management is not one of his strong suits. As a matter of fact, it may be up there with crime-fighting and knowing exactly what Paige wants all of the time as one of his biggest weaknesses. There is a reason that Hank has desperately tried to keep his brother at arm’s length when it comes to what is currently going on with Boris, and that is the simple fear that he will get in the way and potentially ruin the proceedings.

So are we about to see that happen? Based on the promo for Wednesday night’s “Hammertime,” we have a feeling that it is pretty likely. Evan wants to help, but he is too busy tripping all over himself. Even Paige is a better resource at this point, and her contribution to the task is more or less by accident.

This Boris storyline has been somewhat of an interesting one, mostly because we can’t wrap our head around it. The Boris character is great and interesting, but we almost like to see Hank as a doctor more so than getting himself wrapped up in some sort of world of international intrigue. There were a few moments last season where he was a couple of seconds away from being James Bond, and we weren’t quite so excited to see that. (His cool gadgets are supposed to save lives, and not to end them.)

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