‘Criminal Minds’ season 9 spoilers: What’s the plan for 200th episode?

Criminal MindsIf you are a diehard “Criminal Minds” fan, then at this point you probably know already that the show is gearing up to bring you a pretty important episode: Its 200th one. This is a point where only the cream of the crop get to; most shows are jealous of it, and some actors just exhaust themselves at the thought of trying to do this many episodes.

So with this sort of number in mind, you can expect a big story … but not necessarily one about Hotch first and foremost. Instead, this is going to be the JJ-centered hour that has been talked about in various rumor mills. Showrunner Erica Messer tells Entertainment Weekly that the plan for the time being is to touch on some things that you may have been wondering about for quite some time:

“The general [idea] is [filling in] while she was gone. So season 6, that year we didn’t have her, we want to tell you those stories.”

We have to commend Messer and the writers for this idea for one simple reason: Most people in the TV business like to act as though some sort of absence never happens for their characters. This is a great way ultimately to capitalize on something that was at one point really a disadvantage, and hardly something that anyone wanted to be particularly excited about. It is thanks to this that you will also learn some more news about how JJ knows Matt Cruz, the new BAU section chief that you will be meeting this season.

Is this the sort of thing that you would want to see in the 200th episode? We want to hear some of your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to see some more from the “Criminal Minds” universe.

Photo: CBS

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