‘Chelsea Lately’: Lindsay Lohan jokes about Harry Styles – bisexual rumors, and is….

Lindsay isFunny! That’s right; a woman in Lindsay Lohan who has faced the ire of America for everything from bad commercials to “I Know Who Killed Me” (remember that?) is actually doing something far better in her first post-rehab TV appearance than she did on Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management”: Actually making us laugh.

The long-troubled actress was probably spending some time in treatment practicing to appear on Monday’s “Chelsea Lately” (which she guest-hosted), and judging from the teaser video below, it genuinely paid off. While it’s clear that most of these lines that Lindsay is saying about bisexual rumors, and about Harry Styles of One Direction fame, are completely scripted on her cue cards, she did still need a great sense of comic timing to pull of the “I’ve been there” line. This is a self-deprecating Lindsay, and that is far better than one going off the rails or making excuses.

Plus, this is the sort of humor that makes you want to laugh with her rather than laugh at her; heck, even Harry would probably laugh, given that he does seem to be someone who is fine with a few jokes at his expense from time to time. (Plus, the millions of dollars and adoring fans will probably help with some of the pain that he may have felt.)

Lindsay has a pretty busy schedule. She has an interview coming up soon with Oprah Winfrey, and OWN is also going to film a docu-series about her life that will hopefully surround her with some of the right people. She really was talented in her heyday, and as much as it would be easy to sit here and throw more jokes about expecting her to fail, we really hope that she doesn’t and finds some way to move forward with a clean, happy lifestyle.

If you want to read more about Lindsay’s upcoming Oprah interview and some other assorted news, our advice is to just head on over to the link here.

Photo: E!

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