‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda vs. Jessie and an epic fight

Let's talk about bad moves -Last night, Amanda basically became the new Jeremy on “Big Brother 15,” deciding that rather than letting go of the fact that she did not have any votes cast against her last night, she decided to run around with a “how dare you!” sort of thinking that was in a word stupid. Basically, her entire strategy seems to be to intimidate others into not putting her on the block for eviction, but we really do not think that the odds of this happening are particularly phenomenal.

An epic fight broke out last night between Jessie and Amanda on the live feeds, and one that was partially blocked from us since Candice got involved, there were many swear words, and she continued to accuse Howard of making a sexual advance at her before he was eliminated from the house. We thought that Aaryn would for-sure be the MVP nomination, but with the behavior of Amanda being what it is right now, she’s giving herself a shot at being on the block.

The major source of the fight beyond Howard’s comments was merely a plan to get her out of the game that was cracked over the past 48 hours. GinaMarie did make a deal with McCrae not to nominate either of these showmance partners, and it is looking like Candice / Jessie could go up on the block. (Elissa, Judd, and Spencer could also be targets.)

McCrae was clearly angry about Amanda’s actions, saying that her move to try and pick a fight in the house will hurt them down the road. She defended herself as per usual, saying that these people are causing her to just see red almost 24/7. If McCrae wants to win this game, he’s got to distance himself from this, and fast.

Since we didn’t have a chance to do it last night, we also have for you now the punishments from last night’s Head of Household Competition. Candice has $5,000 (good for what she’s been through in the game), and Helen has a chance to host a BBQ party with up to three other houseguests.

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Photo: CBS

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