‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Who won Head of Household via endurance? (Updates)

PoolThe Head of Household Competition is currently underway in the “Big Brother 15” house, and as we saw on Thursday night’s eviction episode, it is all about staying on board what is going to be a pretty complicated bull ride. It’s different than most other endurance competitions, but one that is still going to be pretty fun to watch.

We do have a winner now for the challenge as a whole, so scroll down to the bottom to find out who has emerged victorious.

7:00 p.m. Big Brother time – Everyone is still in the game at the time of the show ending, and some seem better than others. Helen looks screwed.

7:13 – There was a temporarily stop in the turning, but it started back again. Everyone still aboard.

7:17 – Nothing has changed, but a random thought: Do you think that Amanda and McCrae feel like they’ve been tipped off about how they are shown on TV? In talking about the engagement, they were able to figure out that it was not a part of the TV storyline, which we’re sure they would have wanted.

7:23 – The first three fall! Spencer, Candice, and Helen fall almost in unison, meaning that they will get to open the three boxes. Trivia for now.

7:25 – Brief producer leak as someone tells McCrae he cannot walk backwards.

7:26 – Elissa is also now out.

7:27 – They’re dropping like flies! We’ve also lost Andy, and Judd. Trivia annoyingly keeps coming up. Amanda also fell somewhere in here, but it’s unclear if it was before or after Judd and Andy.

7:37 – The only three people left are McCrae, Jessie, and GinaMarie, with the latter being very annoying about how amazing she is and her zero challenge wins are.

7:42 – GinaMarie tries to deal with McCrae, saying that both he and Amanda are safe. Aaryn starts bragging about never being a Have-Not, and we want to barf.

7:49 – McCrae and GinaMarie are now the only ones left. Both are offering deals, but thanks to the MVP twist, deals don’t really mean as much since there is still a chance at being nominated.

7:56 – GinaMarie wants to win mostly so she can have hair dye.

8:00 – The winner is … GinaMarie. Seemingly, she has promised to keep Amanda and McCrae safe, and she’ll probably stick with that. However, this will at least be an interesting week now when it comes to drama, since it’s hard to say who she will put up save for maybe Candice (since she hates her and all).

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