‘The Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Desiree Hartsock on Brooks Forester’s exit, game-changer

A sad ending? -Based on what we are seeing now from the season finale of “The Bachelorette” next week, there is really only one of two possibly scenarios that we are going to watch unfold during the show: Desiree Hartsock is either going to pick nobody in leave drowning in a dress made of her own tears, or Brooks Forester is going to ride up in a magic limousine, and tell us that he is back to try and win Desiree over again. Those are the only options; her loving Drew Kenney or Chris Siegfried for the rest of her life is not on her list of priorities.

In a sneak peek from Monday’s episode at People Magazine, Desiree sounds much more realistic and in tune with her feelings than with the comment earlier this week that nobody ever loves her as much as she loves them (clearly false). Here, she explains that she was really just committed to being with the man and his semi-mullet, and feels incapable of giving either of the other two guys what they need, despite them writing poems and gushing almost constantly about her:

“Brooks leaving, it broke my heart. It broke my heart for him to say those things to me. Knowing I have two amazing, unreal, guys who do want to love me, who do love me, but I just can’t love them as much.”

We also wonder if the way in which we’re being presented some of these final scenes makes it even less likely in some ways that we are going to see Drew or Chris become the next “Bachelor,” as neither one of them is really getting much in the way of screen time courtesy of the drama that is unfolding with Brooks. Then again, it does feel already like they both are lesser candidates to Juan Pablo Galavis, anyway, based on what some of the current reports out there from ABC are saying.

Almost everyone from host Chris Harrison to former “Bachelor” (and Desiree “ex”) Sean Lowe have spoken out about this Brooks situation, and you can read all of their thoughts just by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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