‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: The premiere title, and a colorful Nick / Jess photo

"New Girl" returns in September -For those of you wondering where all of the “New Girl” scoop has gone as of late, know that you’re not alone: There have been many people wondering the same exact question, given that so many other shows have already started production and are knee-deep.

Well, here’s one major reason for the late start: Even though the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson return earlier than some other network shows on September 17, they have a lengthy break in October / early November thanks to baseball. Therefore, there’s less of a need to push that far ahead in terms of the schedule. Production is getting underway now, and we have two very lovely things to share.

1. This cast picture, which is great for a few reasons, including the colorful wall and the facial expression of Winston looking like he’s about to get into a Twitter fight with Schmidt. With that being said, doesn’t it look more like CeCe / Nick and Jess / Schmidt are the two couples based on this?

2. According to SpoilerTV, the show’s first episode back is going to be titled “All In,” and it will of course be all about Nick and Jess working to make a relationship work. Is there still a problem here? Definitely. The two head down to Mexico, and Nick ends up being arrested … mostly because everything horrible always seems to happen to the guy. This sounds hilarious, and we say that after feeling that all of last season was stellar.

In case you hadn’t heard, both Damon Wayans Jr. and Merritt Wever have each been brought back for arcs as Coach and Elizabeth, respectively, this season. If you want to read more than that, you can see all of our articles of late this link.

Photo: Fox

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