‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Howard and Candice’s final push

Is there a chance? -Before tonight’s “Big Brother 15” eviction show happens, you know that there will be some more last-second wheeling and dealing in order to get the votes to flip somewhat … but the truth is that Howard has seemed to really accept his fate, and while some other people may be trying, he’s not too enthused on any particular plan.

The 11th-hour pitch to try to vote out Amanda started late last night with Jessie, Howard, and Candice, but the issue here is that they would need Jessie, GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy / Elissa to jump on board. If they got either Andy or Elissa to flip, that would force Aaryn into being a tiebreaker. It would be silly for either Andy or Elissa to flip, given that their perception is that they are in fairly comfy spot right now. GinaMarie and Spencer are just stuck.

Ultimately, the reason why there is no logic in the game sense to keep Howard is that he, Candice, and Spencer have an unbreakable final three deal. While some people think Amanda and McCrae are in a final four with Elissa and Helen, that’s not nearly as secured. There’s more movement within this group, and the perception is that getting out a pair may be easier than getting out a trio. Plus, Howard wins in a landslide vote if he makes it to the end of the game. We doubt that happens for anyone else. We do think that this whole “challenge” beast thing is overrated unless the task is something extremely physical, since he wouldn’t be good at endurance and he’s obviously not great at puzzles. The guy hasn’t won anything, yet he has everyone shaking in their boots.

Everyone is finally awake, and getting ready for the show tonight. The feeds are switching on and off, and could come back a little while later, which is also when we will come back to rank the top players and talk tonight’s Head of Household Competition.

If you want to see more of the details on how Howard got himself into this position, all you have to do is visit the story over here.

Photo: CBS

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