‘Royal Pains’ season 5, episode 7 review: Jeremiah and Divya’s house of horrors

Dr. SacaniLast week on “Royal Pains,” we like to think that we saw some pretty substantial progress when it comes to a few of the stories that we have been following on the show all season long. Hank was getting closer to allowing the hospital to be the new home of the business, Evan pressed along with his campaign, and Divya made the move to live with Jeremiah.

Ironically, our favorite moment this week was actually seeing something that felt at first almost inconsequential: Divya and the exploding candy kitchen. This of course was something that made Jeremiah extremely uncomfortable, mostly because nobody wants to come home and see their entire room become an explosion of chocolate and other sorts of assorted candy pieces. In the end, though, we saw the two come together over this, and Dr. Sacani did something very sweet.

In the drama department, Evan and Paige squared off over a … painting. This story was nice, but also very predictable. There was an issue of Evan not liking a piece of art, she lashed back, and the two were at odds until a compromise was reached. At this point, we’d prefer to see him doing more with the campaign and Paige having something more exciting to do.

The major long-term story this week was the negotiations between Hank’s attorney (ironically also the center of a medical mystery this time around) and also the representatives from the hospital. Hank demanded that they all work to get a deal done, and they did! Shelby is taken with more than just Hank’s business seemingly, but we’ll find out more on that soon. What we did learn here is that a certain patient of his in Hungary is sniffing around, and that means trouble far worse than some chocolate all over the kitchen.

Overall, this was a fun “Royal Pains” episode, and there’s nothing more that we would really ask of the show than to provide breezy summer entertainment. So long as it does that (and potentially give us Jeremiah and Divya someday), we’ll be thrilled.

What did you think about this week’s “Royal Pains” episode? If you want to take a look at just some of what is going to be coming up ahead on the USA show, be sure to just head on over to the link here.

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