‘America’s Got Talent’ results: Did ‘Booty Song’ guys, Forte, or Angela Hoover advance?

America's Got TalentIt took us a good 27+ minutes on “America’s Got Talent” before we saw almost anything of substance actually happen, unless of course you include seeing Robin Thicke awkwardly do “Blurred Lines” without either Pharrell Williams or T.I. pitch-hitting on their parts. Random observation: Were these the same three ladies singing backup that were romping around with goats in the video?

Also, was this results show really the “America’s Got Smurfs and Snapple and Popcorn Hour with Some Results”? We know that you have to do something to pay Howard Stern’s salary, but this was probably the most heavily advertised results show ever.

Group One – Innovative Force, Struck Boyz, and Aquanuts

This group was actually a little bit of a mystery, since it was possible that none of them ended up going on to the next round. We personally didn’t love any of them, though the former was the best. What we are seeing, though, is the end of the “first out curse” this year. Despite kicking off the show, Innovative Force and their terrible name advanced! This means that it is back to Staten Island and the pool for the other two acts.

Group Two – Brad Byers, Kid the Wiz, and Dave Shirley

So we had a creepy guy with no charisma, a dancer who messed up part of his hat routine, and an unfunny visual comedian. Do you really think that any of these people got through? Nope. Even on a weak night like Tuesday, there was still no one worthy of pushing forward in the competition from this group.

Group Three – Marty Brown, Ciana Pelekai, and Alexandr Magata

From a personal standpoint, Alexandr may have deserved this more in that we can’t quite imagine him having another shot to succeed moving forward without another platform; Ciana was great and has a large following, and we thought she would be advancing. But Marty? Seriously? Are we this desperate for the next big thing in country music when there are already a ton of them?

Group Four – Tone the Chiefrocca, Forte, and Angela Hoover

Okay, so Tone is entertaining just standing there and making faces. We knew that Forte would advance, and it would be down to the “B-O-O-T-Y” guy and the impressionist. This came down to a tie with Angela advancing, and we think that this was somewhat of a mistake. We like her okay, but she’s just not that funny. This is a problem in that even though Tone only has one song, it’s killed every time.

Do you think that the right people advanced on “America’s Got Talent” this week, or would you have been just as okay as us to see a good 10 or so acts be eliminated this week? If you want to read our review of Tuesday night’s episode, all you have to do is visit the story that is online over here.

Photo: NBC

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