‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: More reasons to like Aaron Turner, Amy Yakima

SYTYCDWe are almost to that point on every “So You Think You Can Dance” season that we really love, where we have an opportunity to really dive in and get to see these couples and contestants that you’ve come to know and root for over the past several weeks really shine. Some of their best work is done at this point, and while there were a few routines and concepts that fell by the wayside (and we still don’t care so much about the group numbers), a couple of the duets that we’re focusing on below were pure magic on the floor.

Also magical this week? That Carly Rae Jepsen disappeared, and was replaced by Anna Kendrick, who was a much more likable and competent judge. We still wish that this third chair was occupied by Adam Shankman, but it is still hard to complain when you have this much improvement.

Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox, hip-hop – It seems appropriate to get the worst dance of the night over with first, and this is going to show when the results actually come in next week. These two looked and acted like people who were uncomfortable with going out of their style, and no amount of good music or choreography could fix that they never got into it.

Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham, contemporary – Sometimes we feel like some of Sonya’s routines blend together, since so many of them are so dark and atmospheric. We had that problem at times in here, but there was also something very raw and human about it. Alexis played this character (which we’re pretty sure is just Desiree from “The Bachelorette” this season) very well, but we never quite got the role Nico had in the routine.

Hayley Erbert and Leonardo, Argentine tango – Thanks to Curtis suffering an injury to his shoulder, Hayley worked with an All-Star partner during the live show, and really showed everyone quite possibly for the first time what she is made off. She looked world-class in every second of this, and the tango is not an easy style for someone to pull off. It takes so much style and finesse, but she had no problem convincing us that she was perfectly in character as a powerhouse in the tango.

Makenzie Dustman and Paul Karmiryan, jazz – Given that we’ve always found Makenzie a top 3 female dancer, it’s been baffling how many times that she is in the bottom. This was a sensational Sonya routine despite the weirdness, accented largely in part to the two’s sensational dancing. You need this sort of electricity if you are doing a dance without much of a story, because it’s imperative for the viewers to try and connect with something, regardless of what that is.

Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner, contemporary – Still, this remains our favorite partnership on the season, and Aaron to this point is our personal favorite male dancer in seasons. The man not only dances with great skill, but with so much personality and character. While Jasmine was fantastic as this human version of the Giving Tree, he stole every second of this.

Amy Yakima and Fik-shun, hip-hop – Another great routine for these two, though Nigel Lythgoe may have a good point about these two really getting a somewhat easier road thanks to some of the routines that they have been handed over the season so far being good for their personalities. Amy did have a mistake, but her recovery was so enthusiastic that we almost didn’t mind.

Malece Miller and Alan Bersten, Latin ballroom – Let’s start things off here by saying that we have never seen Alan dance better than he did in this routine … but it’s his style, and there would be problems if he were to come out and fall flat. On the flip side, we just can’t connect to Malece for whatever reason. You can recognize her talent, but there’s that connection missing that other dancers have.

Who was your favorite tonight? We want to hear your thoughts below, and be sure to also click here if you want to read some more contestant interviews and other “So You Think You Can Dance” news.

Photo: Fox

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