‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: How death influences Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric

Alexander SkarsgardIt was another week, another death within the realm of “True Blood” this weekend, as we witnessed Eric Northman’s vampire sister Nora become the latest character to perish in the middle of what is proving to be a very difficult, complicated time. Dying is bad enough, but doing so in a way that transforms you into a molten mess of blood and all things disgusting is something different … and it is going to transform someone in Eric who has held close only a few things in his life.

In the video below, director Scott Howard sets up what it was like guiding Alexander Skarsgard through this scene on set, where he was basically alternating between acting against a real person in his co-star, and also what was basically a creation of the make-up department. That alone is not an easy task for any actor to take on.

Howard also teases that Eric may no longer have compassion for either humans or vampires over the final three episodes of the season, which is hugely significant in how it represents a major changing of the guard for him. He’s not going to be interested any longer in handling the situation with the vampire prison potentially in the same way, and without Nora at his side, he may feel like he’s lost some of his own motivation to keep fighting. It may not be particularly easy, but what he has to do is keep his eyes somewhat-focused on the fact that he does still have two progeny out there in Pam and Willa who need him to a certain extent, and who would literally do anything for him.

If you want to see something more specific in terms of how Eric and some other characters are going to push forward on “True Blood,” the best course of action is to bite into the link here.

Photo: HBO

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