‘The Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: More Brooks Forester – Desiree Hartsock speculation

BrooksIf there is one thing you can say about Monday night’s “The Bachelorette” going into it, it would be that we are probably staring in the face of the most overly-hyped hour of the entire season. The producers really want you to believe that everything is going to hit the fan, and do so in one of the most awful ways imaginable.

But really, the truth here is that it’s possible nobody leaves, nobody has a secret girlfriend, or nobody has some angry blowup or shows themselves to be an idiot. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the issues that come up tonight just involve things that real, good people go through? We already know that two of the guys, in Brooks Forester and Chris Siegfried, are each going to raise issues tonight that are not exactly easy to talk about, but when we read into Desiree Hartsock’s quote to The Hollywood Reporter today, we cannot help but imagine that she is talking about Brooks:

“I really want everyone to watch it for themselves and see truly what happens … I mean it is emotional, it’s dramatic, but at the same time there’s going to be beauty in it all, so it’s definitely one to watch.”

Most of the major “OMG” moments tonight will come from Brooks, after all, who starts off the episode still at home questioning whether or not he will be ready for marriage and that stage of his life. He is going to speak with Desiree about his feelings, which of course starts the meltdown and the “I want to go home” talk on her part, which in turn will probably lead to her being massively trolled on Twitter because that is what people with too much time on their hands like to do.

Tonight’s also big for one other extraneous reason: Leveraging who could be “The Bachelor” in the new year. While no decision has been made yet, the link here has some updates on both the search and also what is going to happen with Desiree and Drew Kenney tonight.

Photo: ABC

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