‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: Has Steven Moffat tipped his cap on 12th Doctor’s gender?

Doctor WhoThere have been some “Doctor Who” waiting periods over the years that have been dramatic in various ways, but if there is one word that we would use to describe the hype surrounding Matt Smith’s potential replacement, it would be this: Bonkers. Nobody really knows anything as to where Steven Moffat and BBC are leaning, but the strategy of the day is to try and project thoughts and feelings based on things that they say.

Take, for example, the latest bit of evidence that some are using to suggest that Moffat has already made his mind up when it comes to casting a male Doctor. These quotes come courtesy of IMDb, who tried to press him on the issue without giving anything away:

“I don’t think that would be a sensible thing to [cast the role blind of gender]. I think you’d have to make a decision on the gender before you approached it.

“I didn’t say that [women will eventually be cast in the role], no … Within the narrative of ‘Doctor Who’, it is possible that he could be female? Yeah. But as to whether The Doctor will be female in the future, I’m not going to comment on that.”

The way we read the quote is as follows: Frustrating as it may be to hear, Moffat is effectively saying a whole lot of nothing here. He’s not tipping his cap on a male Doctor, but saying that producers likely made up their mind as to the gender before the process began. Do we believe that they are casting a man? Based on the rumors out there, yes; but we’re keeping our philosophy the same here as it has always been in that we don’t care if they cast a sea squid in the role, just so long as the role is fantastic.

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Photo: BBC One

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