‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda / McCrae squabble, some falls on their sword

McCraeWhat is it going to take at this point to get some conflict in the “Big Brother” house? We’re unfortunately at a point right now that is very similar to a “Survivor” season when you have alliance of five and also three other people, and you are really just sitting around and waiting for these other people to be slowly and surely picked off. Until that happens, it’s going to be boring, and that is what is happening here.

Personally, we cannot wait to see Amanda / McCrae, Helen / Elissa, and Judd / Jessie do battle, given that this plus Andy will be very entertaining television full of lies and deception. But with Howard, Spencer, Candice, Aaryn, and GinaMarie still there, it’s more predictable then rain clouds in the Seattle sky. Candice is still going to be the replacement nominee today, and the only interesting change here is that if it comes down to Howard and Candice, Howard plans on falling on his own sword to keep her in the game. Even if Howard goes out this week, it is looking like he will probably be branded as America’s saint and one of the most popular pre-jury players out there.

Howard was actually also the center of yet another squabble with Candice, which serves as more proof that she really does not handle stressful situations with slop very well. The same goes for Amanda, who got into several arguments last night with McCrae over whether or not he still trusts her. These were diffused, hilariously in a way, by McCrae making a pizza that you think he would be very tired with given his profession.

If you want to read some more details about a certain nail party and other “Big Brother 15” house events of the day, we’ll have that information and more for you here. That’s also the source for all of our other live-feed updates, and hopefully our article about the Veto Ceremony early this afternoon.

Photo: CBS

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