AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3 finale spoilers: Is a cop the real killer?

The KillingAfter going through a depressing and at times devastating episode of AMC’s “The Killing” Sunday night, it’s easy to be emotional. It’s also easy to even forget that there are two more episodes left. Seward is now dead, but there is still a serial murder case to be solved, and there are more bodies being found, and suspects coming out of pretty shocking places.

What we are starting to see in the video below is evidence pointing in a very unexpected direction: The police department itself. There are some documents that only people within the authorities would have access to that have fallen into the wrong hands, and there are really only a small number of theories about this.

1. There is a murderer in the ranks of the force; and yes, we’re still looking at that creepy partner of Holder’s that has gotten in the way of him and Linden already. (We say this partially because he is irritating.)

2. There is someone within the force that is an accessory, or is supplying information. But why do this: For money, or for some other personal gain?

Creator Veena Sud has ultimately done a pretty brilliant job at keeping the majority of this story under wraps. Most of the information about the show’s future was just leading up to Seward’s execution, and while we still remember the name Mills and also the death of Bullet, the fact that we have two full hours here to go suggests that there are many more twists and turns on the way.

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Photo: AMC

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