ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: ’24’ veteran ready for a new role

CastleThe guest cast list for “Castle” season 6 just keeps expanding, and there does not appear to be any end for it in sight. So far, you may already be aware of the names Myko Oliver, Warren Christie, and also Lisa Edelstein, who will be joining the ABC hit for anywhere between one and several episodes in various roles. Of the group, the “House” alum will have the largest part, as her D.C. character could influence Beckett heavily in her “should she stay or should she go?” decision that shapes much of the rest of the season that follows.

According to TV Guide, the latest face that we are adding to the fold now is “24” alum Glenn Morshower as Michael Reed, a former general with big-time secrets that he is hoping to keep from the public. How do we read this? He’s basically the show’s version of David Petraeus, even if his secrets are not anywhere near similar to having an affair with his biographer.

We wonder how this man will get himself fully integrated within the world of the show, and our simple guess is just that he will be tied to a case that either Castle or Beckett is working on. If he has some skin in the game, that is certainly not good news for our leading man and woman here. When someone is not too forthcoming, what happens? Beckett traps them in a root and interrogates the *bleep* out of them. It still remains to be seen if she does manage to get to Washington, and if she does, whether she will be able to keep her famed interrogation style going there.

There are some other “Castle” season 6 castings worth checking out, and you can see them here along with some of the first details surrounding Alexis’ new boyfriend.

Photo: ABC

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