‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Chandler Riggs on Carl, Rick’s future

The Walking Dead season 3How can you really tell that Chandler Riggs is starting to blossom as a young actor? The easiest piece of evidence that we have is that he is already beginning to master the art of deflecting interview questions without a second thought. In addition to that zombie school that Greg Nicotero puts extras through, we wonder if “The Walking Dead” also has a less-exciting media school to teach people how to clam up when tough questions come their way.

With this in mind, check out Riggs’ answer to Entertainment Weekly about how Carl and Rick’s relationship is going to change on season 4 of the AMC drama, and wonder to yourself whether or not we are seeing a man who has clearly figured out the right things to say at the right time:

“When Lori died the group was a lot smaller. So at the end of the season about 50 people [from Woodbury] got off that bus. And so now that there’s 50 more people in the group, Rick and Carl might have some more time to get closer together. Or not.” 

Riggs has quite a bit to be thrilled about right now, given that he is playing a part that is clearly enough to make almost any child actor jealous. He’s not some annoying sitcom kid with a goofy father; instead, he’s someone with sociopathic tendencies growing up in a harsh, post-Apocalyptic world, where death is a reality at an early age, and he has been forced to kill enough that it’s now becoming second nature.

We’ve heard already that the response to this behavior from Andrew Lincoln’s Rick is going to be to take a step back from his duties as leader, but it is still to be seen if that will work out. Want to read about it? Then just visit our story over here, and then be sure to check back for some more of the latest scoop soon.

Photo: AMC

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