‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Candice goes off; Spencer adds to the racism tally

Candice StewartWe don’t know whether or not Candice’s actions in the “Big Brother 15” house last night were intentional at all, but it was an interesting idea that she tried to execute: Act dramatic and somewhat insane, and hope that these said actions make you a bigger target than your showmance partner already on the block.

You see, she’s not making it easy on Howard, and that’s difficult to do given that Howard was almost a lock to leave the game after Spencer won the Power of Veto Competition. She went around to a series of people last night, whether it be Jessie, Helen, or Elissa, and practically demanded that they all target Amanda instead, saying that Howard is not the man that they are portraying him to be in the house. The problem with this logic is that when it comes to being a good man, Howard probably is that more than anyone else in the house. However, there’s a difference between being a good person in life and being a good person to have around in the game. Howard sealed his fate almost from the moment he lied about the Moving Company, and has lied plenty since.

Thanks to all of the drama that she started in the house, Candice almost instantly became a major target to evict rather than Howard, and annoyed by her, Spencer decided to do an incredibly racist impression of her that proves that some of this still hasn’t gone away in the house. (It hasn’t been emphasized as much lately, but it’s all still there.)

The other major highlight of the night? Seeing Judd admit to making up a lie about Kaitlin in order to ensure that she left the house last week, which to his credit really seemed to pay off. She’s now out of the game, and nobody really seems to be altogether upset about it.

There’s plenty of time until the live show Thursday, so even after Candice is likely named a replacement, anything can still happen. For now, just be sure to click here if you want to read some other highlights from the house.

Photo: CBS

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