‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 7 preview: Reasons for Jason / Jessica fans to smile

True BloodThere is something incredibly endearing about Jason Stackhouse sometimes. You want to root for him on “True Blood” in the same exact way that you want to root for a puppy to climb up the stairs for the first time; they don’t quite know what they’re doing all of the time, but there’s such a likability about them that you’re able to forgive them for their little missteps.

With Jason, we’re willing to look past his membrane of stupidity if it means that he is actually able to save Jessica Hamby’s life. Just him joining the LAVTF pretty much shows that the man cares for her more than just about anyone, since it has been a massive distraction to him for all of the drama going on with Warlow (which Warlow is more or less to thank for). His plan thus far has been reasonably smart, even though he did nearly have to witness something pretty traumatic last week with the copulation chamber. (Even though they didn’t mate, he still runs the risk of Jessica falling for the kindly vampire.)

So what comes next for the two? In the sneak peek below, Jason somehow manages to convince some fellow soldiers to give him some alone time with Jessica … and that’s it. Seriously. We get a long scene related to the storyline this year that is driving everyone crazy (even if it is a highlight of this said storyline), and get very little when it comes to this. Then again, at least 30 seconds of Jason Stackhouse is better than absolutely nothing, so we should just celebrate what we have rather than what we don’t.

For those of you who really can’t wait for more fang-tastic previews, we’ll have another one tomorrow along with our full review of the episode not long after it airs.

Photo: HBO

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