AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3, episode 10 preview: About ‘Six Minutes’

It's Seward's moment -We have a very important suggestion for you before watching Sunday night’s episode of “The Killing”: If you’re someone who does not like to be sad, be sure to record something silly on your DVR to watch after this episode is over. Otherwise, it’s possible you could be sniffing and sniveling throughout the night.

While it remains a mystery whether or not Ray Seward is going to survive this hour, almost the entire episode will be spent with him behind bars, waiting to see whether or not Linden is going to be able to get a stay on his execution in light of some new episodes. The title is “Six Minutes,” and it will be a race against the clock. It’s also going to be nice in so many ways to actually see Peter Sarsgaard actually get a chance to act alongside Mireille Enos for a change, save for just a few phone conversations here and there.

We have started to see a very different side to this man already; he started off being a guy who nobody would want to let their kid spend time with, and we’re closing (either this week or next) with him as a much more sympathetic figure (but still.. keep your children away!). In explaining why we saw this man put up such a heavy emotional front to the police almost constantly, Sarsgaard himself puts it in almost perfect words while speaking to TVLine:

“We had already started to see that Ray was not a monster through the course of the season. In the beginning, I’m trying to give off the vibe, ‘I know I don’t look like Vin Diesel, but don’t f*** with me or I might bite your ear off.’ It’s a way of protecting yourself in jail. Then you start to see the other part of this guy that’s brought out through his cellmate across the way. But this is a guy whose feelings are more easily brought out by the presence of a woman — and the fact that Linden is female really did something to Seward, and brought out qualities we didn’t see elsewhere.”

You can also see a preview for Sunday’s episode here, so get ready: This could be one of the greatest episodes of television this summer, and also one of the most heartbreaking.

Photo: AMC

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