‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Will Jensen Ackles direct an episode?

No directing for Dean -There is one thing different that you may notice about the opening credits for “Supernatural” early this season: There won’t be an episode directed by Jensen Ackles. It has become somewhat of a tradition for the man behind Dean to step behind the chair to do an installment pretty early on in the season, but this time around, it doesn’t appear to be happening.

So what’s the reason for this? As Jensen himself explains per Entertainment Weekly, he has a young daughter that he is trying to take care of, and balancing being a dad with a series star is enough work for him, at least during the early stages of the season. There’s still a chance for him to take on the role later:

“I’m not directing this year — well not yet. They haven’t given me one. I usually direct the first one out of the gate, but because I have a 7-week-old daughter I opted to stay home with the newborn instead this year … There’s still a few episodes that are not slated yet with the directors and I think they’re trying to figure out how they can slide me in there storyline wise.”

Early this season, we know that there will be enough in the world of crazy happening on the show to keep Jensen busy. Dean’s going to be keeping yet another secret from his brother, and this time around, it relates directly with why Sam is still alive in the first place after the fiasco with the trials; plus, he’s probably having to deal with a childlike Castiel explaining what it is like eating or doing some other unmentionable things for the first time. Expect a nice balance of the serious to the humorous.

Misha Collins has already confirmed he will direct an installment this year, his first for the show. Oh, and Misha said recently that he also more than expects there to be some great comedy for Castiel this year.

Photo: The CW

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