‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Likely nominations, squabbles, and little clothing

SpencerFor as awful as we expected this week to be on “Big Brother 15” with the most awful houseguest imaginable (in Aaryn) in power, it’s actually far more peaceful and even entertaining that the past few days with Judd. (Then again, there hasn’t been much on the racism front in the past 12 hours.)

What we can tell you for the time being is as follows: Aaryn’s “who wants to see my HoH room?” bit was completely pranked by the other houseguests all acting completely silent, and then jumping out and surprising her. She thankfully took it well, and then the night continued to have a silly side at times. Take, for example, Amanda and Spencer of all people having a random stripping session in front of the camera. That’s right, ladies: You got to see Spencer’s butt! It may be the last time he ever gets to show it to a woman ever after the way he’s behaved. Meanwhile, Amanda danced around without a top on, but seemingly covered the racier bits with her hands.

On a strategic point of view, it looks like Amanda is going to finally win her longtime dream of getting Howard on the block; he and Spencer are the nominees, and given that Elissa cannot play in the Veto, there’s always an opportunity to backdoor her later if people are really interested in doing it. This move was in part orchestrated for the entire Goof Troop (that’s Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Andy) to continue to enforce their power over everyone, and get rid of someone potentially in Howard who is the unifying factor for both Spencer and Candice. Also it’s nice to see Aaryn (so far) keep her promise to Elissa and Helen by not putting them up on the block.

Speaking of Candice, she and Howard got into a little bit of an argument brought on by of course, trust issues, and also him following her around the house. They seem like they’re going to be fine, though, and that’s more of a symptom of just being forced to spent every waking second with someone in the game with no time to yourself at all.

If you do want to check out more from last night’s insanity, including our full review of the eviction show, we’ve got that and more for you over here.

Photo: CBS

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